Our pitches are made to meet a variety of requirements. Lawn pitches, partially and fully paved pitches (paved with drivable grass pavers) sized from 85 to 110 square meters.

All pitches are equiped with electic hook-ups (16 Ampere).

Category-A Pitches = lawn pitches of approx. 85 qm

Category-B Pitches = partially paved pitches of approx. 100 qm

The convinience pitches are approx. 110 square meters, partially paved with drivable grass pavers, have a electric hook-up (16 Ampere) and a water- and wastewater unit.

All mobile home pitches are fully paved with drivable grass pavers, are flat, easy to reach, and are equiped with a electic hook-up (16 Ampere). The water- and wastewater unit is located centrally and easy to reach (Please understand that usage is reserved for our guests only).